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Chicken Facts

20 Interesting facts about chicken Which came first, the chicken or the egg? And why did the chicken cross the road? Maybe they just want to live their lives without their motives being questioned!

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How to control parasites in cows

Spray and de-worm your cows to keep them healthy. If your cow has worms and diseases from ticks, it will not grow well and will be poor quality for the market. You will not get a good price. A healthy herd also gives more milk.

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Why Chickens Eat Eggs and How to Stop It

If your chickens are eating their own eggs, you need to break this habit immediately. The longer they do it, the harder it becomes to fix. Nip this bad habit in the bud with a few tweaks to the hens’ nest boxes and living situation. Preventing egg eating in the first place is easier than stopping it after the habit is formed.

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Poultry management tips for better performance in Uganda

Achieving good bird, barn and gut health requires operational excellence and attention to detail. A combination of quality nutrition, veterinary guidance, and increased consideration of barn and bird management will help to ensure birds have the best possible chance to perform at their maximum potential.

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